The design concept was to impose a beautiful yet unyielding structure straight out of the colored plate period research.  A structure not usually seen on a stage, that would have smaller moving and flying pieces to frame in scenes and cinematically change.  Brightly colored sand textured elements for the museum into the palace all juxtaposed with tar like texture backings for the slave camps.   The challenge here with Slow Burn at the BCPA is that while we were in a very capable large proscenium stage, It had overlapping bookings.  So the set needed to be flown and struck within an hour, nothing large could be downstage of the mid-stage drape, and all on a budget of 8k.  
    Director: Patrick Fitzwater
Scenic Designer, charge artist, dressing: Sean McClelland
Lighting Designer: Thomas Shorrock
Costume Designer: Rick Pena 
Sound Designer: Rich Szczublewski 
Technical Director: BAR Scenic- Roger Predmore and Ben Loeb
Color Rendering
Color Rendering

" Sean McClelland's set with its dominant, hieroglyphic-decorated columns, Thomas M. Shorrock's blazingly colorful lighting, Rick Peña's Broadway-inspired costumes, Rich Szczublewski's sound, and Manny Schvartzman's work as musical director and conductor of the six-piece band combine to create a world that is visually and aurally captivating." -Christine Dolan

"The scenic design of Sean McClelland was strangely symmetric- The shock came when it became apparent how well his set functions- the Egyptian pillars are gorgeous, and small set pieces change so slightly to transport the plot wherever he wishes."  -Trevor Durham

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