The Sugar Bean Sisters script is all about the details within the character's eccentric lives and the Florida swamp shack that they inhabit.  Lots of fun details and layering of set dressing to show the decades of living in the shack that is slowly sinking and being reclaimed by the swamp.    Penobscot's unique large proscenium opening with a large open apron area allowed the set to appear as if it were sinking into the audience's direction.  Oh, and an exploding outhouse!  
    Director: Bari Newport
Scenic Designer, Charge Artist, Dressing: Sean McClelland
Lighting Designer: Tonry Lathroum 
Costume Designer: Rebecca Wright
Sound Designer:  Brandi Rita
Technical Director: Wayne
   "In the end, members of Wednesday night’s audience paused before leaving the theater to take in Sean McClelland’s vibrant set, which exuded the warmth and sunshine so sought after in Maine’s seemingly unending winter." -Judy Harrison

    "Scenic designer Sean McLelland has created a remarkable set, one rich with meticulous detail and evoking simplicity and complexity at the same time. The home of the Sugar Bean Sisters is both huge and intimate no mean feat." -Allen Adams

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