This Production of Les Miserables was produced right when the rights for the show was first released to 3 regional theatres in the US. The rule was “No turntable was allowed”.  Actors’ Playhouse has no fly system, limited wing space, but some descent depth and Proscenium Width.  I solved the cinematic flow of the show by Irising in the layout, slider show curtain/reveal panels, many opening elements, two wagons that all 4 sides could give a new scene and also open up for another on two sides, and an upstage hidden barricade unit behind the roll drum drop.  Basically many moving pieces.     
   Design Concept: I took inspiration from the classic French pen and ink drawings which carried through to the scenic paint job of creating gestural strokes within the composition for added texture.  A very painterly approach to give us the locales.  All of the units were flat and used these paint techniques to help cut down on the scope of the build and budget.  We then airbrushed a lot of shadowing to give even more depth and a forlorn look to it all.     
Director: David Arisco
Scenic Designer, Charge Artist, Dressing : Sean McClelland
Lighting Designer: Patrick Tennant
Costume Designer: Ellis Tillman
Sound Designer: Alexander Herrin
Technical Director: Gene Seyfer
Scenic Artist: Cristina Arroyo
2009 Carbonell Award Winner

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